The Quatervois of My Life


Quatervois means a crossroads; or a critical decision or turning point in one’s life. It is pronounced: ‘Qua-ter-vwa’

Yes. It is a word that takes some practice to confidently say, but packs a whole lot of meaning!

I took this photo during a Quatervois in my life. One that had taken some time to get to and a road that was not evenly paved, to say the least. I found it rather crushing and bizarre the strong need that I had to take a photograph of this turning point in my life. I stepped out of the shower, after crying for nearly twenty minutes straight, grabbed my camera, turned it towards my face and I captured this photo.

I wanted to forever record my feelings during this time and phase in my life. What better way to do this than by photographing it?

This is a large reason of why photography means as much as it does to me. To forever capture a moment in time, knowing that no matter what, I cannot change the emotion and the expression that is on my face, no matter what Photoshop or other editing service I use. This cannot be changed.

Nearly a year later, this photo is a reminder of just how far I have come and the challenges I have faced. I am hoping that this will be a “beacon of hope” or a light to others that are going through tough times. Photograph yourself. This will bring a glimmer of hope into your life because you will know that one day, as I have done today, you will be able to look back on yourself and see just how far you have come.


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